“Excellence in Care” Series | 2021 Dates Announced In Response To Demand | Open Courses Running in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

It was encouraging to read the recent news that Health Education England (HEE) has been commissioned by the government to review the long-term strategic trends for the health and social care sectors in England, fuelled by rising demand for services.

The aim is to “review, renew and update” the existing long-term strategic framework for the health workforce, HEE’s Framework 15, which was published back in 2014.

The Minister of State for Care, Helen Whately, said she “asked Health Education England to work closely with my department, NHS England, Skills for Care and the wider sector to update HEE’s workforce framework, to make sure we have the right staff with the right skills for the future of our health and care services up and down the country.” 

As mentioned in our previous blog, one thing we are resolutely passionate about is ensuring wider access to skills opportunities for healthcare staff, through the delivery of our own bespoke training courses. 

We also wholeheartedly believe that offering our invaluable healthcare staff an effective platform to fulfil their potential and support their training needs is vital now, more than ever, as the government sets out its bold vision for the future NHS and care workforce. Our accredited, bespoke and generic training courses assist healthcare organisations such as the NHS in helping them achieve their core goal of training and up-skilling their teams to the highest possible standard to maximise efficiency, underlining the importance for the government to focus on further investment in the NHS workforce.

So on that same note, we have just launched our new Excellence In Care series, scheduled from September, to support staff learning around care and safe handling.  This series of training courses have been set up to support local healthcare businesses and to build confidence in the delegates in completing mandatory training and enhancing some elements of the care certificate.  Fundamentally, this will ensure that quality care is delivered to the patient/client groups supported in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  All courses are delivered by fully qualified professional trainers.

The courses available are as follows:

A selection of other courses will be added to the course calendar in due course including mental health and learning disability courses.

To view the course calendar, dates and timings, visit: Course Calendar

To find out further information on the courses available, please contact 01242371999 or drop us an email here: contact@tidaltraining.co.uk

Excellence In Care is a bespoke schedule of training courses to support organisations in delivering the highest quality care to their patient/client group. Engaging and fit for purpose training and education is at the heart of providing a person-centred support service within health and social care. Based in Cheltenham, Tidal Training Ltd is a UK market leading training provider (based in Cheltenham) with a 9 year track record of delivering outstanding training in the fields of Medical and Clinical, Mental Health, Learning Disability and Health & Social Care training courses. 

Working together will help us to create higher standards, more informed and confident staff ultimately better trained to help those who rely on us. Tidal Training Ltd ethics are that “we put people before profit”.

We understand that a lot of businesses find it difficult to release all staff to attend training at the same time.  For this reason, in September 2021 Tidal Training will be running open courses at our training venue in Cheltenham to give organisations and individuals the opportunity to book onto a course with minimum disruption to the working day. Our open courses are ideal for anyone working in the healthcare sector.  You can attend the courses as an individual or a number of your staff can be booked on.

To view the course calendar, dates and timings, visit: Course Calendar

To find out further information on the courses available, please contact 01242371999 or drop us an email here: contact@tidaltraining.co.uk

Course Calendar

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