Experience Matters

Five benefits of trainers with real-life experience

At Tidal Training, we employ highly skilled trainers with extensive experience of working in the healthcare sector. They know how to communicate and share information so that it is best retained by course delegates. We employ psychologists, former combat and state registered paramedics, registered general, mental health and learning disability nurses, health and social care professionals and clinicians without exception, giving our delegates the opportunity to learn from someone with relevant experience. Some of the courses that we deliver, can and are delivered by other training providers with tutors who merely learn and memorise the content and communicate it back to the delegate, whereas ours have the skills, qualifications and experience to share knowledge with depth and breadth.

How does the Tidal Training Ltd.’s approach benefit your training experience?

Fit for purpose and Precise Course Content

For training in the healthcare sector, there is unfortunately a world of difference between teaching content, delegates understanding and what is retained from the session. Real-life experience gives relevance to the content, enabling our trainer to share its application in practice. This enhances the training to ensure it is precise, fit for purpose and includes relevant experiential knowledge. This is exactly why our delegates use words such as ‘detailed’ and ‘relevant’ to describe how they feel about each course.

More engaging course content

Rather than regurgitating elements of the content via monologue, our trainers encourage interaction and engage with enthusiasm about the subject matter. While we ensure our trainers are covering the core materials, they are given the professional latitude to make the content as engaging as possible, talk about their own experiences, and give relevant examples and stories to answer questions from delegates. It’s why our trainers consistently receive 5* feedback from the delegates on our courses. 

Putting skills into practise

There is a big difference between a ‘by rote’ demonstration of a skill, and a demonstration by someone who has used specific skills in their professional career. Over the years, ‘on-the-job’ experience helped them to improve and refine skills, now applying this is reflective and current best practise. When demonstrating practical skills, our trainers also support each learner with technique and skills so that they feel confident to act. Delegates on our courses often comment on the benefit they’ve felt practising these skills with professional oversight during the course, and use the word ‘confident’ when describing how they feel after the course.

Maintaining current standards and guidelines

Applying our course content to client policies and procedures, the circumstances in which these skills are used, and how they interrelate with other aspects of the job, changes regularly. Updated healthcare guidelines, clinical frameworks and evolving workplace cultures impact on roles, responsibilities and ultimately training needs. We understand current best practice, sector trends and client expectations, constantly responding to the sector, to adapt and modify our training content and frameworks. This makes our training sector current and relevant; and that’s why our delegates comment on how they feel confident to apply the skills and knowledge they learn.

We adjust the training to suit our clients and learners

Health and social care, learning disability, mental health and clinical courses are relevant for many workplaces and environments. Sharing first-hand experience means our trainers can concentrate more on how they deliver the training than on what they deliver, using examples and challenges that are relevant to each specific group of learners in line with their policies and procedures. At the end of our courses, our delegates always comment on how knowledgeable and relevant our trainers are, and how much they understand the course content within the context of their workplace.

In summary

Experience does matter and it enriches training to benefit learners. Every one of our 30-strong team has a background in the disciplines they train in, receive five-star feedback from delegates about the relevance of the teaching, and are requested back to teach further courses. It’s what makes Tidal Training different – we believe in having the very best trainers and ensuring they are fully equipped to teach what they teach, bringing the very best to the delegates and organisations we support. If you have a training requirement and are seeking optimal retention of course content in your workforce, then ask Tidal Training to help…