How Tidal Training work to be the best health and social care training provider in the UK

When Tidal Training Founder Colin Frensham left his career in the Royal Army Medical Corps as a combat medical technician and later as an offshore medic, he carefully considered how to best use his skills and experience to benefit others. He realised that the best people he had worked with throughout his career, were those with exemplary training, combined with relevant and hands on experience. Colin realised his years of experience could be translated to give people the very best health and social care training. That was 19 years ago, and since then Colin has gathered a national team of like-minded professionals, all with hands-on experience, delivering the best training in their areas of expertise

Tidal Training Ltd.’s commitment to ensure exemplary training, includes:

Small class sizes

One of Tidal’s core values is ‘people before profit’ underpinning one of Colin’s personal strategies for the business. At Tidal, there is more to what we do than ‘just training’ and part of being one of the leading training providers in the UK, is that we commit to the organisations we work with, and the delegates that we train, to deliver the very best training that we can. Part of this is small class sizes of 12- 15 delegates in a classroom for each session, compared to more than 20 – 25 average delegates in the wider training sector. Whilst we may not maximise our income per course, we do maximise the most important aspects – delegate experience, delegate retention of knowledge, quality of delivery whilst meeting learners’ expectations, opportunities for interaction and engagement during training and consideration to our trainers too. The quality of our training courses is our key measure, rather than the quantity of potential delegates.

Real life experience

Every single one of our trainers nationwide is an experienced professional who has spent significant time working in the healthcare sector using the skills and knowledge that they share with learners. This makes the training more relevant, effective, easier to understand, and importantly applied to the context of each delegate’s job role. We employ psychologists, paramedics, registered general, mental health and learning disability nurses, combat medics and clinicians without exception. Find out how this benefits our clients..

Accessible as standard

We believe that individuals with additional needs and considerations can and ought to be able to learn as part of the same course as their peers. To support this, we ensure that every single trainer is Deaf Aware and Learning Disability Aware. They can, without notice, adapt and make reasonable adjustments to ensure that the content is engaging, precise, and easy to understand. See how we make our courses inclusive…

Life-Long or Enduring

Our training courses are content rich, sharing a wealth of information. Delegates l retain the most relevant information to their roles at the time, and that which resonates with them the most. Later they may have questions, reflective understanding or real-life scenarios that they need help and support with.

We ensure longevity by:

  • making the course delivery as precise and engaging as possible. Starting with a training needs analysis, we understand the needs of the delegates before they enter the classroom and adapt training content and materials accordingly. We then ensure that our delivery includes several training methods to appeal to different learning styles and make information easy to understand and absorb.
  • providing workbooks and course materials that are available and can dovetail with continuing professional development, making them easy to revisit, use and refresh knowledge.
  • recommending next stage and refresher training at appropriate times as required to ensure that delegates are kept up to date on current best practice and legislation.  

Excellence as standard

As a people-centric business, we thrive thanks to the quality and professionalism of our trainers and the infrastructure we have in place. We invest significantly in recruiting and retaining our accomplished team, continually invest in their professional development.  This investment supports our provision of training to incorporate the most recent updates in compliance, regulation, protocols, and best practice. This approach gives us great flexibility in how, where and when we deliver your courses, aligning with the needs of our clients.

Quality training, delivered

At Tidal, we will always put people first: our trainers, our clients, and our delegates. It’s why we receive exemplary, five-star feedback for our training courses and why we have worked with many of our clients from the very beginning for nearly 9 years. If you are looking for exemplary training to facilitate, elevate and develop the skills of your staff, Tidal Training has the experience, expertise and surety to support.