Local Charity goes the extra mile to keep the community connected during the pandemic

We think this fantastic local charity deserves a big shout out for the amazing work they have continued to do in what are even more challenging times than normal, and we’re proud to have been in the position to offer them our support too!

During the pandemic, like many local charities, Community Connexions struggled financially as donations dipped as focus naturally turned to national causes such as the NHS. Yet demand for their service never faltered, as individuals drew on the transport more than ever to attend vital medical appointments, do their essential shopping, or visit loved ones in their support bubble. CEO of Community Connexions, Paul Riddick explains “Many of us take transport for granted, but older or disabled individuals, or those who are socially or rurally isolated, rely on our charity for their basic needs, especially now with the vaccination programme. Demand for our services is only increasing.”

At Tidal Training and our sister company Tidal Training Direct, we were lucky that our services are considered essential training. We quickly adapted our theory based courses to live interactive training via Zoom and Teams during the pandemic. That’s why we consider it fundamental that we give back, at a time when others have not been so lucky, providing funding for a new vehicle for the charity. Founder Directors of Tidal Training and Tidal Training Direct, Colin Frensham and Clare Seed comment “We are delighted to support Community Connexions in providing their essential community services and facilitating connections for those in need in Gloucestershire. In addition to supporting key medical appointments and basic needs such as shopping, Community Connexions has offered a lifeline during Covid-19. All at a time when fundraising and raising awareness is most difficult. We hope that Community Connexions continues its beneficial and impactful services with the support of the local and business community”

It is beneficial to think how fellow Gloucestershire based businesses can support local charities too, many of which have suffered disproportionately from diminished fundraising opportunities over recent months.