What is a training needs analysis, and why do we do it?

At Tidal Training, our ambition is to maximise learning and professional development, and to combine the certificated criteria with the needs of the individual. We work closely with our clients to scope the level and breadth of training to enable us to meet the needs and learning outcomes of the organisation whilst ensuring the training is fit for purpose and of the highest quality. This includes a training needs analysis so that the courses are pitched and appropriately delivered to the level of learning that each delegate already possesses. The analysis is not onerous or time-consuming, but it is a valuable process.

Fundamentally, our courses focus on creating work-ready delegates who can start applying their learning straightaway. A training needs analysis hones in on your team’s current abilities as a group, and as individuals, and analyses these in relation to the course they are attending. It also gives us insight into their specific roles and responsibilities.

This means we can adapt our course delivery so that no two sessions are the same, and instead training is customised to ensure that attendees are engaged and learning.

The analysis is shared directly with your trainer, helping them to prepare and equip themselves to deliver a fit for purpose course that is also relevant and adapted to your learners. What this means practically is that our trainers are able to enrich the course content with relevant examples and applications. For example, Managers will understand and learn the content in the context of managing a wider team, while a frontline support worker will gain more understanding of the content in the context of their relationship with their client, and community carers will gain an understanding of this applied learning in a home.

All our training employs a two-way format so that delegates understand and retain the knowledge, are free to ask questions, and can adapt the learning to their specific roles. This approach is the reason that our delegates use words like “relevant “, “appropriate” and “easy to apply to my role” when feeding back on our training provision, and why our clients return time and time again to get fully-trained, compliant team members at the end of their training. It all starts with our unique training needs analysis and it results in better understanding from your staff on the ground.

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