A note from our Director #suicideawareness

Back in 2015, we had a client meeting accompanied by one of our paramedics, mental health nurses, a psychologist and a psychiatrist where the client wished to discuss the impact of suicide and self-harm on their service, staff and users as well as its rapid acceleration in the UK. Further to that very meeting, I sat down with the Tidal Mental Health team and created the framework and content for the course Risk Assessment, Suicide Awareness Self-Harm and Rescue from Ligature Рand the suite of  variations that we have then gone on to create as the market and service feedback evolved.


Reflecting on this over the last 4 years, what is most striking is the devastating impact suicide has, as well as the myriad of facts and circumstances associated with it. Looking specifically at teenage suicide, it’s hard to say how many young people attempt to take their lives each year. What is factual is that 1600 people below the age of 35 kill themselves each year (Source Papyrus & BBC News.) As a market leading Healthcare training provider, both on personal and professional levels, our commitment is to deliver education and information to services and staff supporting those in need. And reflecting on recent events featured in the news, our commitment to our clients is to focus specifically on conducting fit for purpose training to mitigate risk and deliver knowledge and education that genuinely raises awareness and builds a infrastructural framework. By its nature, our material is unique to us and our clients – and is bespoke to each services individual needs.¬†